This is a farming settlement of the Institute of Agrarian Development (IDA) where the climate is typical of humid forest, with a temperature between 24º and 28º C (75 to 88º F).

AgroZapotal is the fruit of the efforts of twelve families who work every day to stimulate the agrarian development of a mountainous region that is embellished by orchids and a great variety of indigenous flora and fauna. The determination and tenacity of the inhabitants have been the major ingredient for the progress of this zone. The production of cheese is the major income of the community, which practices organic farming. They also grow fruits and vegetables, both for their families and to sell at the Agriculture Fair in Miramar, the closest town, some 17 kilometers away.

The farms, pigsties and mills owned by various people in the area testify to the activities that sustain this peaceful community. The little store and the football (soccer) field are their meeting places. A bit farther away is the little one-teacher school where the children learn English.

We work with Costa Rican volunteers and others from around the world for the development of Zapotal. Our volunteers live with the families, teach English to the children and adults, and practice Spanish. The volunteers work in the cheese factory, the greenhouse, and on the farms in conservation tasks.

How can I help?
There are various forms of active conservation
We offer environmental volunteer programs with a social commitment
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We have programs in protected areas, beaches, forests, etc.
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