Estación de Conservación de Tortugas Marinas
Buena Vista Beach is a primary nesting site for marine turtles. More than 300 nests have been observed in a season. These are nests of three of the four species of marine turtles that live in the Pacific Ocean. Nevertheless, this site does not have any official protection.

Our Marine Turtle Conservation Program works to preserve the nests on the beach and to generate scientific information to describe the dynamics of nesting, by collecting data that lets us rely on scientific information to develop strategic plans to mitigate the problems that affect the maintenance of this essential resource in maintaining the health of the oceans. We are talking of problems like intense development of infrastructure on the beaches, excessive lighting that confuses the turtles, the passage of people and vehicles, and the taking of eggs and the depredation of nests, among others.We work with Costa Rican and international volunteers to protect the hatchlings and their development.

We construct nurseries to protect the nests from depredation and harvesting. We clean the beaches. We make nightly patrols to collect the eggs and to do scientific data collection, including measuring turtles and marking them. We liberate newly-hatched turtles.

How can I help?
There are various forms of active conservation
We offer environmental volunteer programs with a social commitment
Where do we work?
We have programs in protected areas, beaches, forests, etc.
Another way of helping is to sponsor our programs and projects
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