CONSERVATION Brigade against Forest Fires
Brigade against Forest Fires
logo brigada de bomberos ASVOThe rise in global temperatures and the breaking of the hydrological cycle generates suitable conditions for an increase in desertification. One of the principle effects of this phenomenon is the increase in forest fires due to the drought in the earth and vegetation.

For this reason, the training for prevention and eradication of these events is considered of utmost importance to the permanent volunteers of ASVO. Since 2007, ASVO has been a member of the National Commission of Forest Fires (CONIFOR) where we have provided voluntary service to eradicate this type of natural disaster.

Since then, the ASVO Volunteer Fire Brigade against Forest Fires (BRIF) has been formally constituted and counts on a volunteer team that has been duly trained to prevent, combat and put out forest fires.

It is important to point out the figure of the volunteer fire fighter, as it has been prominent in promoting the participation of our society in the process of eliminating this kind of threat.

It is also a way to reach different sectors of a society – as the volunteer fire brigade share their experiences with friends, colleagues and fanily – and in this way they promote an environmental awareness.

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