CONSERVATION Control and Protection
Control and Protection in Protected Areas
Costa Rica does not have the economic resources that allow for the recruitment of more staff to undertake the work of Park Rangers, to ensure the conservation and protection of Protected wildlife areas (ASP). Therefore ASVO created the Control and Protection Unit.

This team of volunteers participates in the prevention and control of illegal environmental activities, using vigilance and implementation of detection and protection mechanisms. This is done in different protected areas where parkrangers are assisted by fully trained volunteers to handle complex situations. In the majority of cases these volunteers act as civil witnesses to reinforce the actions of the officials of the protected areas.

The volunteers in this unit contribute to an active conservation, through the use of practices that avoid, and stop the misuse of natural resources.

The unit is for adults of 18 years and over, residents of Costa Rica interested in participating in active conservation actions.

For more information on the UCP contact:
Cristina Villalta

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