CONSERVATION actuamos contra ilícitos y catástrofes ecológicas

Costa Rica is the most biodiversity in all of Latin America. 46.8% of the total land surface is forest, and approximately 26% of national territory is protected under at least one category.

However, dozens of species are disappearing from earth, and Costa Rica is no exception. A product of deforestation, climate change and wildlife trafficking are among some of the factors that are affecting the ecosystems.

Through our specialized volunteer groups, such as the Control and Protection Unit and the Brigade against Forest Fires and the Research and Projection Unit, in conjunction with the Ministry of the Environment and Energy (MINAE), the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), and the National Commission on Forest Fires (CONIFOR), we help in the protection and conservation of our natural riches.

But also, people of different countries that come to share their conservation ideals, and help us voluntarily by participating in the International Volunteer Program, in protected areas as well as in the Sea Turtle conservation and research projects, and community based projects.

We also offer an alternative of Professional Internships in our Sea Turtle conservation and research projects on the pacific coast of Costa Rica. This opportunity is for students and professionals, both international and Costa Rican who want to acquire knowledge and experience in the field, and who are passionate about coastal marine resources.

If you would like to be aprt of any program, please contact us and we will be happy to attend to you.

How can I help?
There are various forms of active conservation
We offer environmental volunteer programs with a social commitment
Where do we work?
We have programs in protected areas, beaches, forests, etc.
Another way of helping is to sponsor our programs and projects
Costa Rica is the perfect environment for your studies
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