National Park: Conservation
Arenal Volcano National Park is a living laboratory, given its great geological and geomorphological richness, and its complexity in the development of biological processes, from pioneer vegetation to mature forest. It presents us with a varied flora and fauna, as well as the impressive and majestic Arenal Volcano, an almost perfect cone 1 633 meters high, whose regular eruptions offer a striking natural panorama, and a rich field of investigation.

This National Park hosts 53% of Costa Rica’s resident bird species, making it a true paradise for bird watching. There are 135 species of reptiles, and a great variety of mammals and fish.

We work with Costa Rican and international volunteers to protect one of the forests of great diversity, and one of the most important volcanoes in Costa Rica. We do maintenance of trails and installations, repair of the roads, and cleaning. We support the officials responsible for the area. Volunteers also are in charge of visitor service, and of watching and care of the area to help prevent environmental damage and illegal activities.

How can I help?
There are various forms of active conservation
We offer environmental volunteer programs with a social commitment
Where do we work?
We have programs in protected areas, beaches, forests, etc.
Another way of helping is to sponsor our programs and projects
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