National Park: Environmental Conservation
Volcán Tenorio is a relatively new national park, created in 1995. As a result, the area possesses a very rich biological diversity, but at the same time one that is little explored. Because of its location, it has been threatened by the deforestation that has occurred in the northern zone of Costa Rica in recent years.

Its biological diversity and scenic beauty make Volcán Tenorio National Park a natural paradise like few others in the world. However, the reduction of the Costa Rican government’s budget, and the resulting scarcity of control and protective personnel continue to make this a vulnerable zone. For this reason, non-government people play an especially important role in the consolidation of this protected forest area.

We work with Costa Rican and international volunteers to protect one of the forests  of great diversity in Costa Rica. We do maintenance of trails and installations, repair of the roads, and cleaning of installations and structures. We support of the officials responsible for the area. Volunteers also are in charge of visitor service, and of observation and care of the area to help prevent environmental damage and illegal activities.

How can I help?
There are various forms of active conservation
We offer environmental volunteer programs with a social commitment
Where do we work?
We have programs in protected areas, beaches, forests, etc.
Another way of helping is to sponsor our programs and projects
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